Why Do People With TOF Experience Tightness?

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Good evening, I want to ask, sister has TOF, she often experiences severe tightness and her toes and hands are bluish, actually how does this TOF disease cause congestion and blueness in the toes and hands, Thank you

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TOF (tetralogy of Fallot) is a disease that is a combination of 4 types of congenital heart disease, namely:

 Pulmonary valve stenosis; the legs of the pulmonary valve separating the right ventricle of the heart from the pulmonary artery The ventricular septal defect; presence of holes in the right and left ventricular dividing wall of the heart of the Aorta overriding; position of the aorta (the largest artery coming out of the heart) which shifts to the right just above the ventricular septal defect Right ventricular hypertrophy; right ventricular swelling of the heart due to excessive work The exact cause of the 4 cardiac abnormalities above is not known until now. However, several studies have shown that the risk of TOF is greater in babies born to mothers who have a viral infection during pregnancy (such as rubella), consume alcohol or lack of nutrition during pregnancy, are over 40 years old, have parents who also experience TOF, or have other genetic disorders (such as Down syndrome).

The normal function of the heart is to pump oxygen-rich blood from the lungs throughout the body, and return oxygen-poor blood from the whole body back to the lungs. The disruption of this function due to TOF can clearly cause a variety of complaints as your sister experienced.

Shortness and blueness have become one of the characteristics of children with TOF. This condition occurs because of the mixing of oxygen-poor blood which flows throughout the body, causing cells to experience hypoxia (lack of oxygen) and arises bluish. As compensation, the body will trigger the lungs and heart to work harder, and shortness of breath appears. Not only that, TOF can also trigger a variety of other complaints, such as decreased awareness, clubbing fingers, weight gain is difficult to rise, easily tired, restless, and so on.

The handling of TOF is mainly done by surgery. Frequently, this operation is carried out through several stages depending on the intensity of the disorder experienced by the patient. Some medications can also be prescribed by doctors to help increase the success of the operation.

The good, you further consult related to the condition of your sister to the doctor or pediatrician who treats her ..

I hope this helps.

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