Why Do You Often Have Back Hip Pain After Falling Down?

Hello. When I was in junior high school, I fell and sat at an altitude of approximately 1 meter. After falling, he was immediately short of breath and couldn’t immediately stand up. After that incident every time I sat cross-legged I was always not strong for long. After 6 years of that incident I got into an accident from my motorbike and bounced back and sat down again. The same tightness was accompanied by being unable to stand up for several minutes. I checked at the hospital, the result was no fractures or fractures. However, as time went on, I often experienced intense heat and pain in my lower back hips and I became increasingly uncomfortable sitting cross-legged. Either tired or sometimes the pain arises. Sometimes during menstruation it will also be very painful. Actually, why am I?

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Hello. Thank you for the question

Low back pain that you feel can be caused by several things related to the structure in the area, including bones, muscles, ligaments, nerves, skin, or abnormalities in the digestive, urinary, or reproductive organs that the pain is radiated to the lower back area.

The cause of the bones can be due to a fracture due to a fall that you experienced, but if the results of the examination, as you said, do not find any abnormalities in the bones, then it may be due to abnormalities in other structures, which could be the following medical conditions:

Myalgia, or muscle pain, for example due to strenuous activity or incorrect standing / sitting positions
Injury to a muscle, ligament, or nerve
Nerve clamping due to the release of a core of cartilage from the spine, called a hernia nucleus pulposus (HNP)
Dysmenorrhea, which is pain that usually appears on the first or second day of menstruation. This condition can be a normal process, but can also indicate a disease such as the growth of uterine tissue (endometrium) outside the uterus, or medically called endometriosis
Upper urinary tract infection
Urinary tract stones

To determine the exact cause, moreover, you have been feeling this condition over and over again, you should do further tests to a general practitioner first. Your general practitioner will perform tests to track the possible underlying causes of your condition. If necessary, the doctor will refer you to an orthopedic, neurological, urinary, or gynecologist according to the suspicion of the disease you are suffering from based on a general practitioner's examination.

Regarding post-fall tightness that occurs to you, if it only occurs temporarily, it is likely that the tightness is a response to the shock, worry, or pain you feel when you fall, and this condition is generally harmless and only occurs shortly after the incident. However, if the tightness still persists, you should also check your shortness of breath with a general practitioner to track any abnormalities in the respiratory, cardiovascular, or other systems related to your shortness of breath.

Meanwhile, the things you need to do to improve the condition and prevent worsening are:

Stand and sit in an upright position, to reduce back pain
You can use a back girdle to help keep your position upright. This corset is also recommended if back pain is caused by HNP
Avoid lifting heavy weights
Drink enough water, which is 2 liters per day
Avoid the habit of frequently holding back urination
To help reduce pain, you can take Paracetamol over-the-counter drugs

That's all the explanation from me, hopefully it helps and is useful :)


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