Why Does A Baby 5 Months When Coughing Expires Fluids From The Ears?

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Night. My baby is 5 months old. Just recovered from the intense pain. Fever and spots have disappeared. All that’s left is a dry cough that hasn’t healed. And recently when he coughed out the fluid from the ear. Please explain, yes

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Hello Verdyansyah Putra,

Kerumut is a layman's term for measles. Measles or rubeola is a disease caused by infection with the rubeola virus. This virus can be transmitted through direct contact with patients or through inhalation of droplets containing the virus through the respiratory tract.

Measles symptoms can appear after 7-14 days from a history of exposure to measles sufferers. Symptoms that can occur include:

Fever, cough, runny nose
Rashes on the skin are reddish and palpable rather arise. In its development, it will turn a little darker and peel and then fade. The rash can last for 4-10 days before finally disappearing
Red eye
No appetite
Diarrhea and vomiting
Hard to breathe
Seizures and loss of consciousness

Measles that are not handled properly or if it attacks a child with poor body immunity, can cause complications such as:

Encephalitis - inflammation of the brain
Pneumonia - inflammation of the lungs

Otitis media - inflammation of the middle ear
Severe dehydration
Eye disorders

In our body, there are channels that connect between the middle ear and the back of the mouth, so that if an infection occurs in the back of the mouth can also infect the middle ear. Otitis media is also a complication of measles. Otitis media can be characterized by symptoms of fever, pain in the ear (anxious children scratching the ear), and pus-like discharge from the ear. If you experience this, you should check with your doctor again to get the right treatment.

The diagnosis of measles is through clinical symptoms and physical examination. There is no specific drug to treat measles. This disease can heal by itself because of the body's immunity. However, during illness, patients must still be treated to treat symptoms such as fever, diarrhea, vomiting, itching due to rashes. Providing hydration / drinking / fluid intake and good nutrition during the measles patient is important.

Measles prevention (severe complications) is through immunization (at the age of 9 months) and isolation of measles patients during illness so as not to infect others (especially children / infants). Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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