Why Does Every Bowel Often Secrete Mucus In The Penis Even Though It Does Not Hurt?

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Good evening I want to ask why I often defecate every time I urinate mucus in the penis but do not skit urine if not normal urinating does not produce mucus.

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The penis is one of the reproductive organs in men. Some abnormalities in the penis will cause disruption of reproductive function. Gonorrhea infection is one of the most common infections caused by germs / bacteria and causes symptoms of discharge from the penis. Some say that this disorder is also referred to as gonorrhea. Often pus-like white fluid comes out of the penis hole accompanied by pain when urinating, redness at the tip of the penis. In some people, the symptoms of gonorrhea are almost not visible / felt in both men and women. This has led to high transmission and delay in diagnosis and treatment.
However, not all penile secretions are caused by gonorrhea infection. Clamidia infection can also cause the same symptoms, namely white discharge from the tip of the penis. Often the symptoms are not immediately felt, but will appear within 2-3 weeks after exposure to bacteria on the body. Other causes such as syphilis can also cause interference with the penis

Apart from infection, discharge can also be caused by a normal condition. Keep in mind that at the tip of the penis there are glands that can produce mucus. The mucus often comes out when there is sexual excitement followed by sperm fluid during ejaculation. However, some conditions can cause the fluid to come out without being preceded by sexual urges, such as straining during bowel movements and other conditions.

To find out more about the exact cause, it is advisable to do a direct examination to the doctor. Some information related to exposure to risk factors such as sexual activity habits, history of previous sexually transmitted infections and other complaints that accompany needed to establish the diagnosis of the disease you are experiencing. Investigations such as urine tests, blood tests and examination of fluid from the penis are needed to see the bacteria that causes it. The doctor will conduct an examination and consideration of therapy based on your clinical data.
To help reduce complaints and prevent complaints from returning, here are some tips you can do:

Avoiding unprotected sexual activity
Do not change partners
Clean the sex organs before and after sexual intercourse or urination / defecation
Avoid sexual activity before complaints heal and disappear
Immediately change clothes If liquid soaks underpants / clothing used

So much information that I can convey, hopefully it helps

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