Why Does It Hurt Every Time I Eat Noodles?

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why yes every time I eat noodles my chest immediately hurts, my lungs and heart too

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Hello Laurina .. Thank you for the question.

Consumption of instant noodles should not be consumed too often because there are several reasons, namely:

Unbalanced nutritional content, high carbohydrate and high fat content, while protein, vitamins, and are low. High salt content. Contains MSG which can trigger allergic reactions with signs of chest pain, sweating, palpitations, and dizziness. Pain that you feel after consumption of instant noodles can occur due to high levels of MSG which can trigger allergies as mentioned above. Besides chest pain can also occur due to:

Pulmonary infection Trauma to the chest Muscle pain If the chest pain that you feel continues and continues even though not after consuming noodles, then you should see a doctor. So the doctor can do a direct examination and can be carried out supporting examinations such as chest X-ray, ECG, blood check. What you can do is: consume foods with balanced nutrition, avoid consuming too much instant noodles, consume enough daily water.

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