Why Does The Body Always Have Benign Growth / Tumor?

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Morning doctor, my doctor is confused by the condition of my body. From childhood to adulthood, my history has always been the problem of growing flesh / benign tumors starting from the tonsils, meat growing in the ears, breast lumps and now myoma in the uterus (still under treatment-4bh have been removed and 1bh no When I lifted it, Tia’s uterus was lifted) and I also saw that there was also a growth in the hamstrings, if it was held, it was chewy and didn’t hurt (haven’t checked). What I asked was why was that so, what was wrong ??

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From the information you convey, various factors affect tumor growth in the human body. Both benign or malignant tumors can occur in the human body, and this can be influenced by many things, such as:

1. an unhealthy lifestyle

2. smoker

3. female hormonal influences

4. HPV virus infection (personal hygiene and a history of risky sex)

5. alcohol


7. Lack of exercise

8. exposure to free radicals or substances that cause cancer

9. Family history of cancer

10. foods that increase the risk of tumors / carsinogenic, such as artificial sweeteners, alcohol, preservatives

Therefore, one way to reduce the risk of developing tumors is to adopt a healthy lifestyle and have a healthy diet. Although this does not guarantee freedom from tumor, it is a positive individual effort to reduce the risk exposure that causes this complaint.

Consult with your doctor or oncologist (a doctor who specializes in tumors) regarding your complaint and also regarding your lifestyle and further health care, thus, you can seek this healthy lifestyle for long-term benefits.

That is the information we can convey, also read tumors.

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