Why Does The Hamstring Hurt When Pressed?

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Hello … I want to ask, it has been some time (possibly junior high school or senior high school), my right thigh precisely at the bottom feels pain when pressed. Then when compared to the left thigh, my right thigh feels stiffer and suppresses pain. Indeed there is no prominent meat like in general. It’s just painful when pressed. Besides that if you stand too long it often hurts … Thank you in advance …

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There are complaints that your right thigh hurts when pressed or standing for too long, your thigh hurts, this condition is likely to be caused by muscle tension in your thigh area. When you press on the area of ​​the thigh muscle that hurts, then, you will feel more tense or stiff in the affected area. This can be felt along the path of the painful muscle, and this condition may be different compared to the muscle next to it or the same muscle compared to your left thigh.
The existence of complaints of pain and stiffness in the thigh muscle area, this condition can be triggered by several conditions, such as:
1. Previous history of sprains, which leaves muscle tense
2. history of trauma or previous accidents, especially those involving the right leg area
3. often go up stairs or steep areas, thus triggering muscle tension
4. carry or hold something heavy and excessive burden that risks triggering your thigh muscle injury
Therefore, reviewing the possibility of triggering this complaint will help the recovery process of this complaint. Even if the above conditions do not trigger complaints of thigh muscle pain, several other medical conditions can also trigger the same complaint, such as gout, arthritis, infection, or nervous system disorders.
Consult your doctor or your medical rehabilitation doctor regarding pain and stiffness complaints that still bother you. The doctor will conduct a direct evaluation and plan a physical examination and supporting examinations if needed (such as radiological examinations). The results of the examination will be a reference for your doctor to provide care and treatment for you. thus, this complaint can improve immediately.
For now, several things can be done such as:
1. stretch and relax your thigh area
2. give a light massage in stiff muscle areas
3. Give a warm compress temperature of 40 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes in the area of ​​the thigh that hurts
4. During the treatment period, avoid carrying heavy loads, standing long, going too far, or sleeping late
5. avoid cigarettes
Thus the info we can convey.

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