Why Does The Lab Have Positive Results From Dengue Fever But Still Look Fit And Healthy?

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, sya septiana 16 yrs. I want to ask, I got a blood test yesterday, he said the results were positive. But how come there aren’t any dbd signs, instead I look healthy and healthy, only what I feel is weak. Then now hospitalized, the second day here, platelets down again, then blood too, whereas yesterday was normal. what is that? I was afraid of being confused.

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Dengue fever is a disease condition caused by dengue virus infection, this disease is generally transmitted through mosquito bites. Aedes aegypti / Aedes albopictus alone.

Some symptoms that can be experienced by someone suffering from dengue fever include fever that persists for several days (generally more than 3 days), muscle aches, joints to bones, pain in the back of the eye, headache, nausea, decreased appetite and drinking , abdominal pain, swollen lymph nodes in various locations of the body, reddish spots on the extremities / reddish rash on the body. Conditions that require attention for signs of spontaneous / sudden bleeding without collisions, reddish spots on the extremities, sudden nosebleeds, or sudden bleeding gums, appear weak, lethargic, decreased consciousness, if such conditions occur should immediately go to the nearest hospital emergency room.

Blood tests are one of the supports that can help determine the diagnosis of dengue fever, examination of dengue virus antigens, complete blood tests including hemoglobin, hematocrit, leukocytes, and platelets are parameters that need to be monitored every day if dengue fever is diagnosed. In the condition of platelet decline below 100,000, it is generally an indication for hospitalization in hospitals. Treatments that need to be given include fever-lowering, as well as fluids given through infusions to prevent complications such as shock conditions until death if not treated adequately. The cause of dengue fever is dengue virus, so there is no need for antibiotics to treat this condition.

The course of dengue fever and platelet decline can occur up to several days of treatment because it is a condition that occurs in the mechanism of the dengue virus in the body. But keep in mind that viral diseases have self-limiting properties, so what needs to be taken care of is the condition of the body during the virus in the body and the recovery phase of the disease condition.

For more information about dengue fever, you can access this link. Avoid activities that are too heavy during treatment, avoid collisions or trauma to parts of the body because when platelets go down have a high risk of bleeding, adequate rest, following the treatment regimen and the recommended diet during treatment.

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