Why Does The Left Testis Hurt To The Waist?

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good afternoon, I want to ask my left testicle pain up to the left waist, if even when I sleep I do not use panties, please give a solution, thank you.

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Pain starting from the side of the testicles to the waist may be caused by problems with the testicles or the organs around the waist, such as the kidneys, bladder, intestines, muscles, joints, pelvis, and so on. If this pain feels very disturbing, especially for example to cause obstacles when walking, urinating, and even cause interference in sexual relations and fertility, you should not let it. Check with yourself directly to a doctor or a specialist in urology surgery to evaluate more deeply the possible causes. That way, the doctor can certainly give you the best treatment.

Some conditions that might cause your complaint include:

Inflammation of the skin of the testicles, for example due to infection, injuries
Disorders of the testicles, such as varicoceles (testicular vein swelling), orchitis (testicular inflammation), torsion testicles, testicular cancer
Disorders of other structures in the testicles besides the testes, for example epididymitis, scrotal hernias, hydrocele, spermatocele
Urinary tract disorders, such as stones, infections

Gastrointestinal disorders, such as inguinal heria, intestinal obstruction
Others, such as prostatitis, nerve nerves, peripheral neuropathy, and so on

To distinguish the various possibilities above, in some cases, the doctor also needs to do a supporting examination, for example laboratories, x-rays, ultrasound, and so on. Therefore, you should, check yourself early so that treatment can be done more quickly.

At this time, in order for the pain to subside, you can reproduce the rest first, raise your legs during sleep so that the pain does not get worse. Always use pants that are comfortable and loose, wear also comfortable footwear when on the move. Always keep your intimate organs clean, keep your body weight from being too fat, and not carelessly massage or massage the painful side of the body. Drink more, do not make it a habit of holding back the urge to urinate. Finally, you can also take the drug paracetamol so that pain decreases.

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