Why Does The Tailbone Hurt After Activity?

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, I want to ask. I am 18 years old. When I do quite tiring activities for a day, I will experience pain in the tailbone. Especially when I go home on a motorcycle, it will feel quite painful when passing by a speed bump and something like that. What should I do? Thank you in advance.

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Hello Diajeng Fitri, thank you for your question to HealthReplies.com.

The coccyx is part of the spinal arrangement, also called the vertebra. In addition to maintaining posture and stabilization when standing or sitting, in the middle of the spinal structure there is a nervous system that is very important, and if there is interference or pinching of nerves can cause pain. Some of the causes of pain in the coccyx include:

Injury to muscles, joints, bones, and other structures around the coccyx, for example due to falling down or other injuries. Pain due to this injury will feel worse with movement and will improve / disappear if in a position of rest. Shocks due to passing through speed bumps or other things can also cause pain because the coccyx 'hits' the surrounding structures, such as muscles ..
Tension in the muscles around the tailbone / muscle strain.

Spinal structure abnormalities. Abnormalities that can occur in the structure of the spine for example abnormalities such as curvature too bent (kifosis), or the arrangement of the spine curved to the side (scoliosis), and others. This disorder can sometimes be seen directly, but sometimes in mild curvature abnormalities, this is not clearly visible
Inflammation in the spinal joints. Arthritis or arthritis can be caused by many things, some are due to the aging process, due to immune diseases, and others. Just like an injury to the coccyx, the pain will feel worse if it is moved and improves with rest.
Injury to nerves. Usually, if there is pain due to nerve injury, pain can be spread, for example to the thigh or leg, tingling or heat, and can be felt in one part or both legs.
and so forth

Therefore, it needs to be explored further related to the complaint you experienced and whether there is a history of trauma or injury before you experience this complaint. If the pain is felt to be continuous, very annoying or the pain is felt to be getting worse, even to the extent of spreading and causing weakness of the limbs, my advice is to immediately consult a doctor. The doctor will do a physical examination first, and if necessary and there are indications that the doctor can refer you to a neurologist or perform a supporting examination such as a spine photo.

Meanwhile, keep your body healthy and try to take steps to deal with coccyx pain such as:

Keep your posture upright, don't bend over, and avoid carrying items that are too heavy
Stretch if you have to maintain a position for a long time (eg sitting continuously)
Compress the part that feels pain or use a warm balm to try to relieve the pain
Use special cushions when you sit, avoid contact / shake the tailbone with a hard base
Get enough rest, and look for a comfortable sleep position and good for posture
You can take pain medications such as Paracetamol if needed.

That's all, hopefully it's useful and get better soon. Regards.

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