Why Does The Throat Feel Like A Lump?

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Hello … does the throat feel lumpy has something to do with coughing?

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Hello Jiska,

Thank you for the question.

Coughs and throats that feel lumpy are not directly related. But clearly, these two conditions can arise due to the same originator, for example:

Excessive use of vocal cords, like when you scream a lot
Throat irritation, such as exposure to dry air, smoke, pollution, oily food, artificial sweetening
Allergies, for example due to cold, dust mites, pollen
Certain viral or bacterial infections
Gastric acid reflux to the throat
Other causes, such as cancer in the throat, side effects of drugs, immune disorders, and so on

However, aside from a throat disorder, Ana's cough may also occur due to disorders in other organ systems, such as asthma, bronchitis, bronchhiolitis, congestive heart failure, gastritis, and so on. So, not always coughing directly related to a lump in the throat.

Knowing the causes of coughing and lumps in the throat cannot be careless. But considering that most of these conditions are not dangerous, you can first do the following tips:

Do not consume cold food, greasy, excessive artificial sweetness
Drink more warm water, eat broth, so the throat doesn't dry out
Don't use the air conditioner or the fan is too cold
Use an air humidifier
Eat a little but often, so that stomach acid does not rise
Do not smoke
Not also taking any medicine
No excessive shouting
Don't make it a habit to breathe through your mouth
Keep yourself away from substances that might make you allergic
Maintain endurance by exercising regularly, eating a variety of fruits rich in vitamin C, and getting enough rest

If the steps above have not been able to resolve your complaint, first, you need to check yourself to the doctor or ENT doctor. Enough with a physical examination, often the doctor can give you the right treatment. If the initial treatment has not been successful in overcoming your condition, it is not impossible that doctors will recommend further tests, such as blood tests, sputum testing, x-rays, endoscopy, and so on. If your condition is suspected to be related to a disturbance in the airway that is deeper in the blood of the throat, or there is also a possibility of a disruption in other organ systems, you may also be referred to an internal medicine doctor later.

I hope this helps.

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