Why Does The Throat Feel Like There Is No Taste And Cause Vomiting?

Good morning, .. I want to ask, why does my throat often feel like there is no taste and cause nausea and vomiting if I don’t rush to eat something sweet or flavored. What is it from stomach acid?

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Regarding the complaints that are felt, it should be noted the following points, namely

- Does the feeling appear suddenly or has been going on for a long time
- Is accompanied by a cough and feels hot in the neck or chest area
- Is there a history of other diseases
- Is there a history of eating less regularly or eating often spicy or asthma

Some things that might be the cause of the complaint are

- Stomach injury
- Increase in stomach acid (GERD)

Stomach ulcers (gastritis) are digestive problems because there is a prolonged increase in acid in the lambug layer, causing injury to the stomach lining. The pain is usually sharp and triggered by foods that are too acidic or spicy, and will increase pain when the stomach is in a long empty condition.

An increase in stomach acid (GERD) is a condition of symptoms of pain in the upper abdomen and feels spread to the chest associated with increased acid. This causes the back of the mouth to feel bitter. Gastric acid which rises up to the mouth area will irritate the lining in the mouth, causing pain to swallow. The main symptom felt is that stomach acid feels rising ie Acid in the stomach will return to the esophagus and also the mouth so that it appears sour and bitter and burning Usually occurs in the sternum region and will feel stronger after eating and when bending. In addition to the symptoms above, there are also several other symptoms that may be experienced, including:

Laryngitis (inflammation of the larynx or vocal cords that causes sore throat and a hoarse voice).
Coughing without stopping, especially at night.
Chest pain.
Difficulty and pain when swallowing.
Teeth become damaged.
Bloated and belched.
Bad breath.
A sudden increase in the amount of saliva.

Based on the course of the disease, the most important thing is to keep the stomach not in acidic conditions to prevent ongoing inflammation, several things can be done like

Eating with a regular pattern is most important to be made more often with small portions (a little bit but often)
Chew food properly so that food will be easier to digest and reduce the risk of increased stomach acid
Avoid foods that are too spicy, sour (this includes foods that don't taste acidic but increase stomach acid such as coffee tea, soda alcohol and chocolate), and fatty foods (some of which are related to high-fat meat, high-fat milk, fried foods)
Avoid using pain relievers such as those containing aspirin, diclofenac sodium because the side effect is inflammation of the stomach.
Avoid stress and too much thinking because it affects the increase in stomach acid.
Very good food consumed is
- Bananas, melons, apples, papayas and pears that have low acidity so they can help neutralize stomach acid
- Green vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, hijam beans have a low acid
- Oatmeal or whole wheat has high fiber so it helps absorb acids
- Ginger has an anti-inflammatory effect
- Egg nipples are rich in protein so they are good for repairing the stomach lining

Some things that need to be considered and need immediate treatment is if there is bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract some symptoms, i.e.

- Vomiting with blood spots
- CHAPTER is black
- Feels weak
- Pale
- If there is a lot of bleeding, there can be signs of massive blood deficiency, ie blood pressure dropping, pulse beats fast, breathing feels tight, limbs feel damp or cold, and pale

If you experience the above you should immediately go to the hospital for more tests

Thus the information we can convey. May be useful. Thank you

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