Why Does Your Stomach Feel Uncomfortable And Tense?

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Illustration: Why Does Your Stomach Feel Uncomfortable And Tense? gastroparesisclinic.org

Tonight, I am 22 years old, a final year student working in the world of programmers so he often drinks coffee. u003cbr u003eFor the past few months my stomach (right side of the navel) I like to suddenly feel tense and feel uncomfortable. more often during the evening. I did not feel nauseous or want to vomit at all.

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In adults, colic pain is sharp and localized, which can occur suddenly and disappear. These complaints can indeed be repeated in a long time.

Colic pain generally originates from disorders of the digestive organs (large intestine and small intestine, rectum, and bladder), urinary tract (kidneys and ureters), or gall bladder.

1. Colic bile

Frequent bile colic due to stones in the gallbladder or in the gallbladder ducts. The flow of bile will be obstructed, causing pain and some other digestive disorders. Symptoms of pain appear suddenly in the upper right area of ​​the abdomen, and usually disappear within hours.

2. Kidney colic

Kidney colic occurs suddenly with an intensity that is quite mild to severe, related to the presence of stones in the kidney or ureter. Pain can be mild to severe depending on the size of the stone. Complaints can be accompanied by urinary disorders, bleeding, nausea, vomiting.

3. Abdominal colic

Abdominal colic has symptoms such as stomach cramps originating from the small intestine or large intestine. This is due to food and fluid resistance in the intestine. Other symptoms such as unable to pass gas, enlarged abdomen, nausea, decreased appetite.

To find out the exact cause of colic complaints, the doctor needs to do an examination to explore other supporting symptoms and additional checks as indicated.

To prevent the onset of colic symptoms, it is recommended to increase consumption of fiber-rich fruits and vegetables, consume enough water, reduce fatty foods, and reduce body weight if excess.

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