Why Every Bowel Movement Always Has Diarrhea?

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Hello, I am Gigi, 19 years old. I have either a habit or a disorder of every bowel movement in the form of diarrhea? It doesn’t matter what kind of food I have eaten, sweet, salty or spicy. Always ends with diarrhea. This has been going on for quite a while since the age of 15 until now. Is it related to my ailing digestive system or eating problems or something? That’s all. Thanks.

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Hello Gigi

Diarrhea itself refers to the condition of liquid bowel movements and the frequency of defecation is increasing. If your defecation is continuously runny without any conditions where the defecation becomes solid (not that it is hard, but the defecation is neither liquid nor hard), even if it is more than 2 weeks, it is called chronic diarrhea, but it is different if your teeth have actually experienced a phase of defecating. a few times and then diarrhea again, so it is more likely to be a condition that recurs easily.

Chronic diarrhea can be caused by

Inability to digest certain foods or drinks (usually food products containing cow's milk, soy protein, and fructose) Crohn's Diverticulitis Disorders of the pancreas Thyroid disease Impaired intestinal blood flow Lack of digestive enzymes
Each of the conditions above is only a possibility, so Gigi needs to see a doctor to be able to get more information so that it is quite specific to describe the root cause of the prolonged diarrhea complaint. In addition to a physical examination and a medical question and answer session directed at several additional examinations such as stool examination, blood tests, thidroid hormone levels, imaging (ultrasound, x-rays) to endoscopy may be necessary to find out the root cause of diarrhea.

The suggestions for what Gigi can do are avoiding spicy, sour foods and instant food / drink products. Then try to eat regularly so don't delay eating. Also try to keep food and beverages clean and cutlery (spoons, plates, glasses) kept clean. And always make it a habit to wash your hands before eating.

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dr. Arnold

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