Why Every Time You Scratch A Boil?

I want to ask if I have diabetes, the problem is that boils often grow if I scratch a bit hard and blister, and after a while he becomes a boil and how to get rid of these boils

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Hello N Martell,

Diabetes or diabetes is a condition where the body has difficulty controlling blood sugar so it tends to be more than normal. To diagnose diabetes requires anamnesis, physical examination, and blood sugar tests (fasting blood sugar, blood sugar 2 hours after eating, blood sugar when), and HbA1C test if necessary. The classic symptoms of diabetes are frequent thirst, frequent hunger, and frequent urination. Other symptoms can occur that are difficult wounds to heal, itching on the body, weight loss, and easy weakness. Often boils are not always related to DHF huh.

Ulcers are caused due to bacterial infections of the skin. It is possible that when you scratch the skin it causes injury to the skin. Skin sores are the entrance for bacteria. Bacterial infections can trigger inflammation in the hair follicles and cause ulcers. Ulcers will cause reddish bumps on the skin that feels painful and then a white spot filled with pus.

Examination is generally sufficient with anamnesis and physical examination, if ulcers often recur or do not improve quickly with adequate medication, a boil fluid / pus test will be carried out in the laboratory to determine the best type of bacteria and antibiotics for the bacteria.

Ulcers can generally heal itself after a few days. You simply compress the boils with warm water several times a day and keep the boils from breaking. If a boil has ruptured, the most important thing is to keep the area of ​​the boil clean by washing it using antibacterial soap. Do not squeeze ulcers, deliberately pressing boils can increase the risk of secondary infection and prolong healing.

If boils recur frequently or there are more than 1 boils that grow close together, it may be necessary for further treatment by a doctor with pus drainage action and administration of antibiotics and painkillers if necessary.

If you are worried about diabetes, it never hurts to see a doctor so you can be examined further yes. For boils if it does not improve soon in 3-7 days, you can also consult a doctor so that more optimal treatment can be given.

Boils after recovery also does not rarely leave scars. To get rid of ulcers, you can use lightening creams and exfoliate with scrubs and home peels. If you feel disturbed by ulcers and want to get faster results, you can consult with a dermatologist to be given further treatment, for example by giving certain topical drugs, microdermabrasion, laser, chemical peels, and mesotherapy.

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