Why Have The Anal Itched For So Many Days?

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Hello doctor, I want to ask my anus, I have itched all day, doctor. I thought the worms were taking medication for worms and it turned out to be more itchy.

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Some causes of complaints of itching around the anus include:

1. Rarely clean the anal area
2. The use of unsuitable soap products
3. Pinworm infection
4. Hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids
5. Irritation of the anus
6. Dermatitis

Pinworm infections are caused by intestinal nematodes, Enterobius or Oxyuris vermicularis. Common symptoms include itching in the anus which often interferes with sleep. Adult worms can migrate from the anus to other locations such as the vulva, vagina and urinary tract. Secondary infections due to bacteria can arise due to irritation due to scratching.

Treatment options can be given mebendazole, albendazole or pyrantel pamoate. One of these drugs is taken as a single dose and repeated 2 weeks later in order to eradicate all stages including eggs. All family members are also advised to be given treatment.

To determine the exact cause of complaints of itching anal it needs a physical examination directly by a doctor. If it is caused by a worm infection treatment will be given to eradicate the worm. In addition treatment will be adjusted to the underlying cause.

General precautions to prevent recurring complaints include improving personal hygiene by washing hands with soap before eating and when preparing food, leaving the nails short, not scratching the anal area, and avoiding the habit of nail biting.

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