Why Hemoglobin Can Decrease So Much?

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Malam. Previously, I want to tell first. On May 3, 2019, I wanted a blood donor but was refused because of Hb 11.2. After knowing that my Hb is low, I try to increase my Hb by eating spinach, tofu, and eggs every day at dawn and breaking fast. Then, on May 17, when I returned for blood donation, I was refused again because of the Hb 12.4.2 days later, precisely on May 19, I returned to PMI. However, it was rejected again because of Hb 11,2.What I want to ask, why did it go down so dramatically in just 2 days? Even though I adopted the same diet as before and had enough sleep.

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Hello Hani Sekarsari,

Hemoglobin is a component of red blood cells that functions to carry oxygen to all body tissues. Normal hemoglobin levels in adult women are between 12-15 g / dl, while adult males are between 13-17 g / dl. Lack of hemoglobin levels from the normal range is called anemia. Reduced levels of hemoglobin can be caused by a disruption in the production process of red blood cells (bone marrow disorders, kidney disorders, etc.), a lack of red blood cell building material (iron deficiency, folate deficiency, etc.), or due to blood loss (wounds with bleeding, menstrual disorders, abnormal breakdown of blood, etc.).

Symptoms of anemia are as follows:

Weak, tired, lethargic
Pale skin
Rapid or irregular heartbeat
Dizzy taste
Cold hand

Variations in the value of hemoglobin can be caused by indeed decreases in hemoglobin (red blood cells) or it could also be due to variations in examination / laboratory. Rapid decrease to 2-3 g / dl in a fast time may be caused by bleeding. However, if the changes are small, it can still be caused by normal variations.

In your case there may be other reasons why PMI refuses you to be a donor even though hemoglobin levels are already in the normal category (if female). Some blood donor requirements from PMI are as follows:

Minimum age of 17 years
Minimum weight of 45 kg
Normal body temperature, between 36.6 - 37.5 degrees Celsius.
Normal blood pressure, namely cystole 110-160 mmHg, diastole 70-100 mmHg.
Regular pulse (50-100 beats / minute)
Female hemoglobin at least 12 gr / dl, men at least 13 gr / dl
Maximum blood donor frequency 5 times a year, or a minimum of 3 months apart.

Donors can also be rejected if they do not pass screening for infectious diseases such as hepatitis B, C, syphilis, HIV / AIDS, tuberculosis; suffer from epilepsy and often seizures; drug or alcohol dependence; are pregnant / have just given birth / are breastfeeding; history of vaccination in the near future <2 weeks; etc. Thus the explanation from me, may be useful.

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