Why If In A Quiet Place Both Ears Often Feel Open And Close?

Greetings doctorate afternoon, I want to ask, a month ago, I was washing my ears in the clinic due to earwax ,, after washing thank God the doc was able to hear ,, my problem here, why yes, often terase open and closed when in a quiet place, , or during sleep, if you sleep it feels like it is closed, if it evaporates or is swallowed, it feels open, is there a normal doc?

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Hello Izzatul,

Feelings of "open" and "closed" in the ear affected by several things. Please note that there is a connecting channel between the middle ear and the throat area called the Eustachian tube. The ears feel closed can be caused by:

Sinus blockage
Suffers from a cold / flu
Earwax buildup
Inserted water into the ear canal
Being on a plateau, or experiencing changes in altitude quite quickly

This feeling of open and closed can occur repeatedly even though the earwax has been cleaned because there are still a number of other causes that can cause a sensation of feeling closed to the ear involving the eustachian tube. There are several ways to reduce the feeling of being closed in the ear, including:

Chew gum
Blowing air from the nose by covering the mouth and nose (valsalava maneuver)
Use a special plug when flying on a plane
Treating colds / colds

For further information, you can access a similar discussion:

The ears feel open and closed

If the ear continues to feel blocked with pain or decreased hearing ability that interfere with, then it is advisable to see an ENT specialist for further management.

Hopefully this information helps you,


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