Why In The Pubic Area As There Are Boils That Do Not Hurt?

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I want to ask, in the area of ​​my pubic hair at that time it was like boils, but if pressed it didn’t hurt, then I pressed until there was no more lumps, now there had never been any lumps but if I pressed it, why was that? thank you

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The appearance of nodules resembling boils on pubic hair can indicate inflammation of the hair follicles (folliculitis). It could also, the nodules appear due to other reasons, such as warts, scabies, acne, contact dermatitis, pilaris cysts, benign or other malignant tumors, and so on. Often, this condition is not dangerous. With good endurance, usually nodules on the genitals can heal by itself without the need for special handling.

The unpleasant odor that you find on your genitals can also arise due to various factors, it can be related to the nodules that you have experienced before, or may not. Frequently, an unpleasant odor around the genitals occurs due to infection, both fungal, bacterial, viral, or parasitic infections. In addition to infection, a bad odor in the genitals can also occur due to moist conditions, irritation and even malignancy around the genitals.

You should first resolve your complaint with the following tricks;

Diligent shower, clean your genitals with water properly when bathing, no need to use soap or any perfume Clean your genitals well when you have defecated or small. Shorten your pubic hair regularly, do not revoke, but shaved. Not wearing pants or clothes in tight or hot clothes Change pants and underwear at least 2 times a day ONLY have safe and responsible sex If you are not married, avoid all forms of premarital sex Do not do vaginal spa, hundred, or other vaginal care carelessly without consulting first to the doctor If your complaint still does not improve with the steps above, we recommend that you go directly to your doctor's complaint or doctor and skin and genital specialists yes. If necessary, the doctor can give you ointments or special medicines so that your complaints improve . It could also, the doctor directs you to undergo IVA tests or pap smears to rule out the possibility of dangerous diseases that can also make the pubic odor.

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