Why Is HIV Transmitted?

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Hello, I want to ask a few questions. 1. Where does HIV / AIDS come from? Why this disease can be transmitted 3. Why teens have a high risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. 4. What can be done to avoid the disease? living fetus 6. Characteristics of HIV disease? 7. Patient’s condition? 8. How to deal with it when it has been exposed. Sorry if it’s too much because I want to know. Thank you

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Hello, thank you for the question to HealthReplies.com.

1. HIV / aids originates from the HIV virus which attacks the body's immune system, enters the blood, vaginal fluid and sperm fluid, breast milk

2. Can be transmitted through the use of alternating syringes, unhealthy sexual relations or alternately without condoms. Can be transmitted because the virus is in the fluids

3. Because the risk of adolescent promiscuity is very free

4. Not having sexual relations by changing partners without safety, not changing needles and syringes

5. Because it can be transmitted through breast milk and fetal placenta

6. Characteristics of weight loss drastically, fever more than 2 weeks, cough more than 2 weeks, long diarrhea, easily attacked by fungal diseases and so on

7. The condition of patients who have not reached the stage of AIDS, is still healthy as a normal person. However, if it is already in the AIDS stage, the patient's condition will drop like the characteristics already mentioned

8. If you have been exposed, you have to take a drug for life, namely ARV (Antiretrovirus)

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