Why Is It Hard To Gain Weight?

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good afternoon, I want to ask, why is it so hard for me to gain weight even though I eat a lot but sometimes it is not regular, I have also tried taking worm medicine and there is no change either, how can it be so that the body can get fat?

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Weight gain can be difficult to increase due to genetic factors (heredity). It could also, your condition occurs due to the influence of other things, for example:

The nutritional intake you consume; healthy eating does not always have to be a lot, but the nutritional value must also be balanced
Activities that you do; for example if you are physically overly active, out of balance with the intake of nutrients
Mental condition; for example excessive sadness or anxiety, which can make you lazy to eat
Disease history; for example hyperthyroidism, malignancies, intestinal worms, chronic infections
Certain medications consumed
Smoking habit
Drug or alcohol consumption, and so on

Unfortunately, you do not clarify exactly how your age, weight, height, and general health condition. Therefore, we also find it difficult to provide you with solutions that are in line with your condition in order to increase your weight. We recommend that you consult yourself directly to a doctor or a nutritionist in order to further evaluate the conditions that cause your complaints, as well as the best treatment. Further examination, for example X-ray, laboratory, ultrasound, thyroid function fingerprints, etc. can also be done by a doctor so that your condition can be handled more optimally.

At this time, what you should do is:

Eat a variety of nutritious foods, including meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, whole grains, milk, and so on
Eat regularly moderate portions 3-5 hours
Intersperse your mealtime with healthy snacks, for example cut fruit, smoothies
Drink enough water
Don't overeat eating instant and preserved food
Do not smoke, stay away from drugs and alcohol
Calm your mind, don't stress, be sad, or worry too much
Exercise regularly 1 to 2 days
Do not carelessly take drugs or body fat supplements without a doctor's prescription

Gain weight

Hope this helps ...

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