Why Is It Hard To Get Pimples On The Cheeks?

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Good evening doctor, my name is Tiara I am 26 years old. I want to tell you a little about the problem of acne on my face … Initially I used a garnier product about almost 5th before replacing it but still in 1 product but only different series and facial skin still accept … one day I saw a new Malaysian product that was booming … because I was curious about the review and there were many Beauty blogs that said that the product was good … because the claims were legal and made from natural things I finally tried the white series expert. After about 2 or 3 weeks I didn’t feel any effect, finally I switched to the product I used to use … garnier sakura white … Either protesting or how suddenly my face turned out to have a lot of hny just on the cheek area .. but what made me confused confused g disappeared and so like blackheads gt … Until now my cheeks have even a lot of big zits with the same pimples like ulcers ulcers which blushed out white gt … Please take a solution about what causes it and how to use it the limit .. I want to check the skin but I don’t know how to use the creams … Thank you

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Hello, Tiara. Thank you for the question on the HealthReplies.com forum.

Acne on the face of acne is a problem experienced by someone and can interfere with appearance, acne itself can arise due to a blockage due to oil or dead skin cells in the place of hair growth / hair follicles, not only on the face, but also the neck, back and chest can appear zits. Some conditions that can cause acne include: Excessive oil / sebum production which actually aims to prevent dry skin, blockage of hair follicles, bacteria that develop and plug hair follicles and cause inflammation, and because of the activity of androgen hormones.

Some risk factors for someone experiencing acne include:
- hormonal changes, which in most women are caused by this, usually occur at certain times such as before menstruation, the first 3 months of pregnancy, or because of certain diseases such as PCOS / polycystic ovary syndrome.
- puberty, where an increase in the hormone testosterone and the oil glands produce more sebum.
- genetic / hereditary factors
- skin friction with objects, for example because the area of ​​the face often uses certain objects such as face cover, head, etc.
- stress, can also worsen the condition of acne that already exists
- consumption of certain drugs, such as lithium, corticosteroids, or anti-seizure medications
- use of cosmetics
- smoking

Depending on the severity, the treatment of acne will take time to heal. Some types of treatment include:
- benzoyl peroxide
- topical retinoids
- topical antibiotics
- azelaic acid
- antibiotic tablets
- hormone therapy
- antiandrogens
- isotretinoin
- other therapies, such as chemical peels, lasers, etc.

The above treatment should be used with a doctor's prescription, for that you can consult and consult directly with a dermatologist. If you have concerns about being asked to use concoction creams and others you can also raise this problem with your doctor so that your doctor can find other therapeutic solutions to help your condition.

Some tips that you can do to reduce complaints before seeing a doctor, including:
- Stop using cosmetic products that trigger acne
- clean the face at least 2 times a day with non-comedonic facial washing soap
- limit sun / UV exposure
- avoid squeezing pimples, in addition to causing scars will also cause pimples to appear again
- reduce oily foods
- avoid make up and thick cosmetics and close pores, while using a water-based moisturizer

Thus the information we can convey, hopefully helps.

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