Why Is My Body Getting Shorter?

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Hello. I am 23 years old girl. When I was 15 years old I was 163 cm tall and weighed 55 kg. When I was 17-18 years old I was 161 cm tall and weighed 53 kg. Then lately I often do work tests so I know more about my height and weight. Aged 22 years ago I was 159 cm tall and weighs 65 kg. Now I am 158 cm tall and weigh 69 kg. R n r nThis is why I am getting shorter, huh? R nUsually every school day until the second year of college, I drink milk. I am not eating enough nutritious food and very rarely do sports. What effect? And does my increasing weight also affect me? Even though I read in health articles on the internet the body gets shorter starting at the age of 40 years. Are my bones and joints actually shrinking or something? R nThank you for the free time, doctor to answer my questions.

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Human growth is influenced by various factors, ranging from factors within each other, genetics / heredity, environment, food to the stimulation that is given. Rapid growth occurs during the first year of life, starting from the fetus in the first year to the age of toddler. Growth will slow down after that and reach its peak when puberty arrives.

Generally, the puberty period for women is between the ages of 9-11 years, while for men it is slower, namely between 11-13 years. Puberty is a period of transition from children to adults, at which time there are many components in the body that affect it. It can also be related to stopping growth, which is indicated by the closure of the epiphyseal bone plate which occurs earlier in women than in men. Therefore, it is often found that girls whose posture is bigger than boys when they are still children, but when entering middle school age or entering adolescence, the posture of boys appears to be taller and bigger than girls.

In childhood, monitoring height and weight is important to continue to be evaluated regularly. Nutrition and stimulation play an important role at this time. Meanwhile, entering puberty and when puberty occurs, hormones play an important role in the growth and development of adolescents

Height can change, especially in the morning after waking up, on average there is a difference of approximately 1 cm compared to the afternoon. This can occur due to loosening of the bonds between the vertebrae during a sleeping position compared to the afternoon.

Regarding your complaint, there is no need to worry. Apart from the phenomena that have been previously mentioned, there may be errors in measurements that are not carried out carefully, so that the differences that occur are quite significant. Height will not decrease, especially in productive age. Height will begin to decrease when you enter the age of> 4o years, which is closely related to the aging process that occurs in various body systems. A nutritious diet, a balanced diet, consumption of high calcium milk and regular exercise help balance hormone levels and maintain bone density. I have submitted so much information, hope it helps

dr. Fita Fitria Ayu

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