Why Is My Child Diarrhea

Illustration of Why Is My Child Diarrhea
Illustration: Why Is My Child Diarrhea

Doc my son was six months old yesterday, high heat for 3 days and the body came out red spots like prickly heat, after the body starts to normalize (healed) now if you defecate (diarrhea), is it okay doc

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Hello Evillia,

Thank you for the question.

High fever and continued red spots on the body can not only occur because of prickly heat. It could be that your child's complaints are caused by other factors, such as measles, atopic dermatitis with secondary infection, scarlatina fever, Singapore flu, dengue fever, chickenpox or scabies with secondary bacterial infection, impetigo, and so on. This condition, if it has healed in a short time, is often not dangerous and does not need to also get special treatment.

Liquid and slimy bowel movements that your child may experience may be related to previous complaints, or not. The slimy bowel movements of children are usually caused by digestive disorders, such as side effects from medications (for example if you have given your child medication to treat fever and complaints on his skin), food allergies or malabsorption, gastroenteritis, intestinal inflammation, and so on.

If this diarrhea occurs no more than 5 times, without high fever, vomiting, severe stomach cramps, difficulty eating and drinking, weakness, and other severe complaints, this condition seems to be treated first at home with:

Give children plenty to drink and breast milk
Give it also food that is easily digested, do not contain too much gas, not too spicy or sour
Don't make it a habit for children to eat instant food, especially food that is unclear about its cleanliness and maturity
Always wash your hands before feeding your child
Also keep the environment around the child clean, including toys and the child's own hands
Do not carelessly give children drugs, except over-the-counter drugs

Conversely, if diarrhea occurs is very massive or accompanied by severe complaints as we have mentioned above, you immediately check with your doctor or pediatrician to prevent dangerous complications of the disease.

Hope this helps ...

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