Why Is My Child With Hydrocephalus Fussy?

Illustration of Why Is My Child With Hydrocephalus Fussy?
Illustration: Why Is My Child With Hydrocephalus Fussy?

Doc, my child has hydrocephalus, VP Shunt’s hose is installed twice. the first at 2 weeks, the second at 4 months. Now he is 10 months old. treated very often and the diagnosis is different. now my child is often fussy for no reason. I suspect the VP shunt hose must be replaced. coincidence now is a pandemic so what should I do

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Hello Rija, thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com.

When a child becomes fussy it can be caused by various causes. The situation certainly must be observed by parents. Some conditions that cause babies to be fussy include:

Babies feel uncomfortable, for example because their diapers or pampers are wet
The baby feels tired
Babies feel thirsty or hungry
An uncomfortable position during sleep or when carried
Certain medical conditions such as when a fever, difficulty defecating, feel pain, and so on.

For that we need to know the exact cause of the baby becoming fussy. Note whether there are symptoms that underlie the baby continues to be fussy, such as fever, diarrhea, cough, runny nose, and others.

For that, the things that can be done now are:

Give the child enough fluids / breast milk
Give food according to age
Make sure the environment around the child is comfortable
Change diapers and children's clothing immediately if wet
Do not give children toys when bedtime is coming

If complaints continue to be felt immediately consult a doctor, this is also to ascertain whether the child is fussy because of the VP Shunt. The doctor will conduct a complete examination starting from the physical examination and several other examinations that are needed. In a pandemic condition like this it is advisable to stay at home and postpone to a doctor unless there is an emergency complaint or the complaint does not subside after trying maximum treatment at home. Stay alert when leaving the house, avoid using public transportation and keep your distance from people around you.

That's all, hope it helps.

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