Why Is My Head And Neck Always Like This?

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, For a long time my neck was stiff, sometimes I had difficulty focusing, my head seemed to move like that, and every time I woke up, my head was always dizzy. Please answer yes.

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Hello Fawwaz, thank you for asking.

Stiffness in the neck muscles can be caused by a variety of conditions. Generally conditions such as improper position when working, fatigue (for example due to too much staring at a computer screen), psychological stress accompanied by lack of rest at night, or there are problems with the spine. In muscle fatigue due to overwork or excessive physical activity the muscles will generally experience continuous contractions so that the tension in the muscles increases. Likewise in people with psychological stress and sleep disorders, the nervous system that supplies the neck muscles will continue to be activated so that the muscles become tense and stiff. The result generally arises dizziness or headaches called tension type headaches.

In cases like yours, spin cycles often occur. Due to fatigue or stress, the neck muscles become tense. Tension in the scruff muscles will cause people to not sleep soundly. Sleep disturbance will cause headaches and tension in the neck muscles. And so on spinning.

You can try to overcome with pain medications that are labeled green. Can also try to compress with warm water, stretch for the head and neck area of ​​the shoulder at least once every 2-3 hours. Stretching is also good if done before going to sleep and after waking up. Make sure your body position when working is right. You can also improve the thickness and position of the pillow during sleep so that the cervical muscles don't get stiff. Try to exercise regularly at least 3-5 times per week for 30 minutes. Perform these steps regularly every day.

If after you try the steps above but there is no improvement, you can consult directly with your doctor. The doctor will conduct further examinations if a disturbance in the cervical spine is suspected.

Thus the answer from us, hopefully you are helped. Regards.

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