Why Is My Mind So Rarely Empty?

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Hello. I want to ask. Why is my mind so rarely empty. Every single thing I do, if I don’t focus, my mind will be filled with my voice talking, like I’m confiding with other people, or chatting with other people. In fact, a few seconds after waking up my mind was immediately filled with talks about many things. So it is very difficult to focus. The worst happened several months ago. At that time I didn’t even stop thinking about many things. I find it difficult to sleep because of the ‘interesting’ things I think about. Even worship finds it difficult to focus. Even when studying, I keep thinking about something, except when I’m calculating. How do I fix this? I am still 17 years old, my learning activities were disturbed.

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Hello, thank you for asking HealthReplies.com.

Thinking about something or fantasizing is actually a human thing. Difficulty focusing when there is a big problem is also natural. But if you think of something that is not a problem and even hear voices (hallucinating hearing) you should immediately see a psychiatrist for a complete examination.

Usually the cause of a person having difficulty focusing and having a lot of thoughts is when:

Doing many things at once
Not getting enough rest
There is an unfinished task

To make it easier to focus and not think too much, you can try:

Work on one thing to completion then move on to the next thing
Try to focus on one activity you are working on, if anything else appears, try to put it aside and focus on the activity you are doing
Get enough rest
Create a daily schedule

If you do experience hearing hallucinations, the possible causes include psychiatric disorders, such as schizophrenia, dementia, depression with psychosis, disorders of the brain, and so on.

Given that currently complaints have interfered with activities, you should ask your parents to take you to a psychiatrist.


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