Why Is The Left Testicle Like A Lumpy Vein, What Is The Cause?

Illustration of Why Is The Left Testicle Like A Lumpy Vein, What Is The Cause?
Illustration: Why Is The Left Testicle Like A Lumpy Vein, What Is The Cause? azuravascularcare.com

Want to ask, if the left testicle looks like a lumpy vein but doesn’t feel pain or pain, what is that? R nWhat is the effect of this condition? R n How can it be cured in a natural way? often limp or loose, so the size of the testicles seems too small in my opinion. r n If what is normal? r nThank you, please answer

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Hi Rianrano,

Thank you for asking HealthReplies.com.

The standard size of the testes is 4 x 3 x 2 cm. These testes are oval in shape and lie hanging down the right and left sides of the penis. On the surface of the testes, there are many blood vessels that can experience vasodilation (widening of the diameter of the blood vessels) so that they appear as clumped veins, for example when exposed to excessive heat, such as when you are active in a hot environment, wearing tights or hot materials, taking a shower warm water, and so on. The testicles can appear shrunken or shrunken, and drawn inward, when in a cold environment. Conversely, when in a hot environment, the testicles can appear slack or limp as you mention. This condition is not always dangerous.

Need to clarify first, how is the exact size of your testicles? What does limp or loose testicles look like?

If you have no other complaints, such as pain in the testicles, testicular sizes that differ markedly between the left and right, lumps in the testicles, fertility problems, and so on, usually the condition you are experiencing is not dangerous. However, in some rare conditions, complaints like what you experience can indicate a disease, for example varicocele (swelling of the testicular veins), hydrocele, scrotal hernia, spermatocele, orchitis, epididymitis, benign or malignant tumors in the testicles, and so on.

To rule out the possibility of the diseases above, there is no harm in checking yourself directly to a doctor or urological surgeon. That way, if you have a disease, of course this condition can be treated more quickly so that the possibility of dangerous complications can be minimized. Currently, first try to maintain the health of your testicles, namely by:

Do not use tights and made from hot. Do not soak in warm water, let alone hot for too long. Eat healthy and nutritious food. Avoid activities that have the risk of causing injury to the testicles. Do not smoke. Avoid casual sex.

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