Why Is The Stomach Result Normal, But There Are Still Symptoms Of Gerd?

Illustration of Why Is The Stomach Result Normal, But There Are Still Symptoms Of Gerd?
Illustration: Why Is The Stomach Result Normal, But There Are Still Symptoms Of Gerd?

doc, want to ask, I have been feeling pain in my waist for 3 months, my head continuously continuously as if I want to collapse, my eyesight is farsighted, then when I sleep sometimes the heart seems to stop for a moment it feels like all my body feels like a shock and snoring, all starts from stress 2 last year, continued to have an ulcer, I had been treated at the hospital. The need for a specialist doctor, in the stomach, kidney, intestine check, everything was normal. want to die, but checked with a doctor and on the ultrasound there is no sign of heartburn. I have entered the emergency room twice because of this.

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A history of stress two years ago, and complaints of ulcers such as twisting, bloating, and shortness of breath; besides that there is a history of complaints of aching waist, keliyengan, gasping or other complaints that you experience so far may indeed be influenced by increased stomach acid production and irritation to your esophagus or also called GERD / gastro esophageal reflux disease.

If so far your doctor has indicated that there is a stomach upset and your doctor has evaluated in detail relating to other possible causes, either gastrointestinal examination or kidney function or other body systems and gives normal results or there is no risky medical condition, in general complaints that you feel can be influenced by bad habits and trigger your complaints or psychological factors.

If all examination results provide normal information, then in the context of the risk of dangerous health problems not found, then you should continue to be grateful and more calm or relaxed, that there are no medical problems that aggravate complaints that you feel at this time or that trigger a recurrence ; both liver, kidney, heart disorders or digestion, because all the results of the examination are normal.

When all your bodily systems are stated within normal limits, this means that there are no triggers for medical disorders or organ systems that affect. Even if complaints that you feel still arise or recur, then the possibility can be influenced and triggered by other risk factors or from outside, such as:

Often sleep late or often stay up late
Irregular eating or late eating
Eat too little or eat too much
Eating habits that are skipped, such as breakfast not eating, another day not having lunch
Consumption of spicy foods, instant foods, coconut milk foods, spicy food nuts, foods with spices that are too strong, instant drinks
A heavy burden of mind, such as many problems with family, work or social relations
Certain medical disorders, such as liver, kidney or digestive disorders (where the test results show normal)

Because of the various things above can trigger your complaint or maybe other risk factors that might not have been identified can aggravate your complaint, then you should start identifying one by one the various possibilities that can trigger your complaint. Identify gradually, one by one, what are the habits, activities, or foods that might trigger complaints that you feel. Next, avoid it and don't force yourself to continue. Prevention of risk factors would be better done compared to treatment.

However, if all efforts have been made, and these complaints continue to recur, then indeed direct care and treatment from your doctor is needed to prevent complaints that you feel aggravate your complaints and interfere with your activities. Discuss with your doctor or you can also ask for a second opinion from another internal medicine doctor. Or you can also ask the opinion of a mental health specialist or psychiatrist if there are psychological factors, stressors or anxiety that affect these complaints. Thus, all the efforts you make are expected to help your recovery.

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