Why Is The Thumb Underneath White?

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Why do you come home from work when your lower thumb is white even though you are wearing socks, and how to solve that problem? / Thank you

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 The eye of the fish or clavus is one of the disorders that is often found in the soles of the feet or hands due to excessive pressure. This disease is characterized by thickening of the skin which has a core in the middle. Fish eye is caused by HPV virus (human papilloma virus) which can also cause wart disease. Sometimes the eyes of the fish will feel pain when walking or when getting pressure.
 While calluses are a disease similar to fish eyes. This thickening of the skin generally has a wider surface area and is not accompanied by pain.
 Regarding your complaint, more detailed information is needed regarding the symptoms you are experiencing. The white color found at the bottom of the big toe is a blotch, bump, or part of the skin that is exfoliated. In addition, if there are other complaints such as pain in the area, skin discoloration becomes more reddish accompanied by swelling, and itching.
 In addition to Fish Eye and Calluses, other possibilities such as fungal infections and skin irritation can be the cause of your complaints.
 Therefore, we recommend that you do a direct examination to the nearest doctor so that known types of skin disorders that occur. Ideally, suspicion of a skin disorder should be visually accompanied by an examination such as a skin scraping test.
 Take care of your feet health by using comfortable shoes and insoles that are not too hard. Change socks every day and use shoes / footwear that are not too narrow, also limit the use of socks so that the skin is not too moist so that fungus is not easy to infect.
 Thus the information we can convey, hopefully helps

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