Why Is There A Drug Ranitidine In Prescription Painkillers For Stitches?

hello, 4 days ago I had an accident, and there was a torn wound on the left upper lip, until it was sewn as many as 6 stitches. what I was surprised about, why there is a Ranitidin drug that I was looking for turned out to be a medication for the stomach, in a prescription drug given to me along with anti-pain medication for my stitches. while I don’t have a history of gastric disease. please explain, doctor, thank you

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Ranitidine is a class of stomach medications that are often used to overcome the problem of gastric disorders or excess stomach acid. Ranitidine works by decreasing the production of stomach acid so as to prevent irritation to the stomach.

In connection with your case, in addition to treating gastric problems or disorders, ranitidine is also often used for the prevention of gastric disorders, which is concomitant administration with pain medications. Regardless of whether there is a history of gastric disorders from the person.

Most pain relievers have side effects to the stomach, increase stomach acid production which can irritate the stomach and cause complaints of nausea, heartburn and vomiting. Therefore, for the prevention and protection of the stomach against the effects of pain medications generally doctors also examine gastric drugs such as ranitidine or other similar types.

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