Why Not Feel Pain In The Breast During Menstruation?

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Hello doctor, I am Rizki Amelia want to ask. r nI have been menstruating for 2 months but I have not felt pain in my breasts and it has been 2 months also when I had my first menstruation I had dizziness, mild pain in my waist and felt nauseous (which was before me I didn’t feel it since the first time I experienced menstruation / menstruation) Previously at the end of 2017 I had a miscarriage 2 times for the first miscarriage I did a curette, after 2 months of curettage I was pregnant again, however, only 2 months pregnant the fetus suddenly came out without any pain, just aches and pains. the waist and after ultrasound the uterus is clean so don’t curettage .. So, is it normal or not to feel pain in the breasts, mild pain in the waist, dizziness and nausea before menstruation / during menstruation? thanks.

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Hi Rizki,

Thank you for asking HealthReplies.com.

Menstruation occurs when the innermost lining of the uterus, the endometrium, sheds as a result of not getting an adequate supply of blood and oxygen. This condition occurs as part of the fluctuations in reproductive hormones in the body caused by not fertilizing an egg by a sperm cell. As a result of this hormonal fluctuation before menstruation, various other complaints often arise, such as pain in the breasts, nausea, dizziness, stomach cramps, aches, headaches, and so on. These complaints will generally improve with the passage of menstruation until they disappear completely after menstruation is over. In the medical realm, this group of complaints is often termed pre menstrual syndrome (PMS).

The absence of some or all of the symptoms of PMS does not necessarily indicate an abnormality. The threshold for each person in responding to complaints that occur in the body can vary, some are low, some are high. In the same person, this threshold can change depending on many factors, such as psychological condition, physical activity undertaken, exercise, diet, age, and various other factors. If you are still menstruating normally as usual, then there is nothing you need to worry about. This condition is probably not directly related to your previous history of miscarriage.

Currently, you should focus on improving your lifestyle so that your periods stay regular, so that if you and your partner want to go back to planning a pregnancy after a miscarriage, you can do a more optimal pregnancy program. Rest with more discipline, which is about 6 to 8 hours a day. Exercise more regularly and consume more foods that contain lots of antioxidants so that hormonal balance is more maintained. Do not forget, properly handle stress, anxiety, and other psychological pressures that often befall you.

That is the explanation that we can convey. For more details, please consult directly with a gynecologist.

I hope this helps.

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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