Why Not Menstruate After Taking Birth Control Pills?

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I want to ask, I am married with my wife 4/2/2018. My wife did not menstruate during the last 5 months dec 2018, when consulting a doctor on 24 May 2018 it was recommended to take a pill in a diane 35 ลก in routine 3 months we took part but did not regularly drink only 1 month. because the wife hesitated. after 4 months then I tried again on 12/24/2018 and lastly finished on 13/01/201. until now it hasn’t been able to menstruate neatly, the breasts often hurt. why huh?

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Hi Amins,

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Not menstruation for months can be caused by many factors, one of which is pregnancy. The question now is, has your wife ever done a testpack? When checking into a doctor beforehand, what is the doctor's conclusion regarding your wife's condition? Have you both already had a fertility check?

Apart from being pregnant, menstruation may not occur due to other causes, such as hormonal balance disorders, obesity, severe stress, side effects of drugs or contraception, ovarian cysts, thyroid gland disorders, and so on. Pain in the breast that your wife is experiencing may be the impact of hormonal fluctuations before menstruation. The administration of hormonal drugs (including birth control pills) that doctors did previously might be intended to help make the condition of reproductive hormones in your wife's body more balanced, so menstruation runs more regularly, and pregnancy programs are also easier to run.

But of course, the consumption of drugs alone can not make menstruation immediately becomes regular, if not balanced with a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, you encourage your wife to undergo the following efforts:

Routine exercise every day, with a duration of 30 to 60 minutes
Keep your weight so that it is always ideal
Don't overeat eating instant and preserved food
Expand to eat fruits and vegetables
Do not smoke
Don't think too much
Enough rest
Do not carelessly use contraception or take other drugs other than those prescribed by the doctor

With proper treatment, and painstaking efforts above, generally, menstruation will take place regularly in 1 to 3 months. However, if your wife feels that she has not experienced any improvement regarding her condition, you can accompany her to have her condition checked again by a doctor or obstetrician so that she can be handled well, right?

I hope this helps.

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