Why Should Every Sore Throat Be Given Antibiotics?

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Afternoon, If I pay attention, it has been several times if I cough and go to the doctor, after the examination the doctor will say because the cough has been more than 3 days and my throat is quite red, I give antibiotics. The question is whether every sore throat should be given antibiotics? Is the cause of inflammation definitely bacterial? Because it could also be caused by stomach acid rising etc. Thanks.

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Related to cough complaints that mothers experience, should be equipped with some information relating whether or not sputum coughing out, whether coughing is accompanied by symptoms of feeling bitter behind the tongue, whether accompanied by a burning sensation around the chest, whether coughing is aggravated by something like spicy food or acid, did you have a similar history before, and if there is a history of other illnesses Based on complaints that you submit there is a possibility that the diagnosis is still very broad, some of which are related, i.e.

- Infection of the throat or upper respiratory tract
- Increased stomach acid
- Inflammation in the tonsils

Throat or upper respiratory tract infections can be debated by bacteria or viruses. To determine with certainty the best examination is sputum culture so that it can be seen whether a virus or bacterium develops, but the time for culture is quite long a few weeks so that the other method used is to look at the sputum characteristics, duration of illness and can be supported by laboratory tests such as blood tests . In infections caused by bacterial treatment is with antibiotics but if the virus is treated only to relieve symptoms.

Increased gastric acid that is repeated can cause inflammation in the throat reaction. This happens because the acid irritates the lining of the throat so it becomes inflamed. Some of the symptoms experienced are coughing, bitter taste in the back of the tongue, and burning sensation in the chest.

Tonsillitis is usually triggered by an infection either by viruses or bacteria or other pathogens. Symptoms experienced are usually tonsils that appear swollen, pain in the throat especially when swallowing, hoarseness, fever, cough. If it happens suddenly it is usually referred to as an acute condition associated with infection afterwards in return to smaller size before. But in some conditions there is a recurring and prolonged inflammation so it is called chronic condition usually the tonsils will still be enlarged even though it is not inflamed (not red in color).

For symptoms of coughing it should be noted that other things that accompany so that the diagnosis can be optimized and treatment given accordingly. The use of antibiotics when it has started it must be spent to prevent the patient's body from developing antibiotics. A good lifestyle will support the improvement of conditions such as adequate nutrition, adequate rest, regular exercise will increase endurance.

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Thus the information we can convey. May be useful. Thank you

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