Why Sperm Cells Are Produced More Than Eggs?

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Hello, why are sperm cells produced more than eggs?

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The egg (ovum) and sperm are the two components needed for reproduction, and will subsequently fuse and produce the fetus. Eggs are formed in the female body, and sperm in the male body.

Although both play a role in the formation of the fetus, the formation process is not entirely the same. Egg formation (oogenesis) occurs every beginning of the menstrual cycle (about every 21-35 days). Each of these formation processes, will form 4 ovum cells through the process of division (meiosis). 3 eggs will degenerate (fail to grow and then shrink), so that the egg cells that will form at the end of the oogenesis process and can be fertilized by sperm is only 1 fruit.

While the formation of sperm (spermatogenesis) can occur throughout the day from thousands of prospective sperm (can vary depending on the condition of each person). In each process of spermatogenesis, each sperm will form 4 sperm. So that from thousands of these sperms per day can form millions of sperm.

So that is the process that underlies why sperm is produced more than eggs.

This process has been arranged in such a way by the human Creator, to support the reproductive process running smoothly to form a fetus. Eggs are produced 1, and sperm are produced millions. Just imagine, if an egg can be produced a lot from each ovary, and if it is assumed that all eggs are fertilized by sperm, a woman's uterus will not be enough to hold all the eggs that will become fetuses. The strength of a woman to support, and the strength of a woman's body to support a fetus until birth as a baby, may not be able. So that's why normally only 1 egg is created per month, from each eggbag.

So it is with sperm. Sperm is foreign to a woman's body, so a woman's body will tend to turn off the sperm that enters. So that of the millions of sperms that enter a woman's body, only a handful of sperm can reach the egg. The strongest and fastest sperm can make it to the egg and fertilize it. Imagine if the number of sperm produced is small, certainly most likely before the sperm reached the egg, the sperm had died first by the mechanism of the female immune system which tends to kill foreign substances.

That's all the explanation from me, hopefully it helps answer your question :)

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