Why The 2D Ultrasound Results Are Different From The 4 D Ultrasound Results And Which Is More Accurate?

Aslkm. Look, some months ago I was ultrasound with 4 D u0026amp; estimated 2 months I was born tp a few days ago, I was white ultrasound u0026amp; estimated Lhran in the middle of the month 1. I am confused, which one is more accurate? Fear later, thank you.

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Ultrasound is a radiological examination that utilizes technology using sound waves. With an ultrasound examination you can find out the condition of your ayi in the womb. Currently the method used can see babies in two dimensions or three dimensions (3D), and even four-dimensional ultrasound (4D).

In principle, all ultrasound methods are used to observe fetal development, where 2 D ultrasound in the form of a black and white image can also be used to detect fetal growth and organ abnormalities, 3D ultrasound provides a 3-dimensional picture of the fetus and 4D ultrasound will give a picture of the fetus moving directly.

And for the question which is the most accurate can not be determined whether the 2D, 3D, or 4 D. This will depend on the ability and skill of the opertaor (the doctor who performed the ultrasound. Therefore we recommend that the ultrasound be performed by obstetricians and obstetricians who are indeed competent to conduct the examination.

To determine the age of the fetus and interpretation of the day of delivery it is also necessary to look at various aspects in this case not only based on ultrasound examination alone. And from the ultrasound examination also needs to consider several important aspects of ultrasound resolution, the position of the fetus, the amount of amniotic fluid in the uterus, and other aspects.

We recommend that you consult the obstetrician who has handled you about the estimated time difference in labor. Because in principle the time is only an estimate or estimate, where labor can occur slower or faster than the estimate, this will depend on the condition of your uterus and pregnancy. The most important thing is that you still maintain health for you and the prospective baby so that later you can deliver smoothly.

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