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hello want to ask my age is still 17 years old, looks healthy too (not obese, not sick) but why so often cramps / tingling / etc until I can not sit under long time because of cramps, even if after a late night sports like to wake up cramps. I had scoliosis, at that time I had (already not) acupuncture then the therapist said spinal cord pressure or something like that and my blood was said to be less smooth so I often cramped constantly and not fresh often fell asleep. additionally, my digestion is also not smooth (can be more or less back a week) but there is no abdominal pain / discomfort. Why is that 🙁 then if I massage at the salon, it is also often said that the body is stiff, let alone legs, but there is no excessive activity

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Hello Inta! Thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com.

Cramps that you experience often may be a sign of lack of activity and stretching on your body. Before and after doing sports, don't forget to stretch enough. Lack of stretching can cause muscle cramps. Muscles also need to get exercise in the form of adequate physical activity. Do physical activity at least 30 minutes per day. You can choose physical activities that you like, for example biking, swimming, running, yoga, or gymnastics. In the initial stages, do it with mild-moderate intensity, then increase slowly. Direct physical activity with heavy intensity will make you experience pain in your muscles.

Lack of activity can also make you experience sleep disturbances and your digestion becomes substandard. You may also consume less water. Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day every day. Eat foods that contain high fiber, such as fruits and vegetables. Pay attention if the stools you remove are hard because over time it can damage your rectum. In addition, stools that are hard and difficult to remove will make you push and take a long time each time you defecate, thus putting you at risk of developing hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids.

Tingling often occurs due to lack of vitamin B. You can try taking vitamin B complex that you can find at the nearest pharmacy. Tingling can also be caused by disorders of the spine, you need to see a neurologist directly to find out if there is indeed a disorder. You may also need to see an orthopedic doctor to correct your scoliosis if the scoliosis is severe enough. In addition, various diseases can also interfere with peripheral nerves and cause tingling, such as diabetes.

That's all information from me. I hope this helps.


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