Widal Examination Results?

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Widal Salmonella typhi O 1/320, Salmonella paratyphi ao NEGATIVE.Salmonella paratyphi BO 1 / 320.Salmonella paratyphi CO 1 / 320.Salmonella typhi H 1 / 160.Salmonella paratyphi AH NEGATIVE.Salmonella paratyphi BH NEGATIVE.Salmonella paratyphi CO 1 / 320.Salmonella typhi H 1 / 160.Salmonella paratyphi AH NEGATIVE.Salmonella paratyphi BH NEGATIVE.Salmonella paratyphi CO 1/320.

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Widal is a serological test to detect the presence of Salmonium bacteria that causes typhus and paratypic disease. Typhus is caused by Salmonella typhiedakan for paratyphoid caused by bacteria Salmonella parathypii is divided into 3 types namely Salmonella parathypi A, Salmonella parathypi B, and Salmonella parathypi C.

On widal examination there are O and H symbols, where it is intended that in the serology test, antibodies to O antigens and H. antigens are detected. Antibodies are formed if Salmella adabacteria enter the body before, whether it causes symptoms or does not cause symptoms. If there is a bacteria Salmonella enter the body, then it will give "traces" to the body in the form of antibodies. These antibodies are detected on widal examination.

According to the results of the widal examination that you submit, this means that:

Salmonella thypii O: 1/320 and Salmonella thypii H: 1/160 can mean that it was once infected with the bacteria Salmonella thypii which causes typhus, and also now positively detected in your blood there is the bacteria Salmonella thypii.

Salmonella parathypii BO and CP: 1/320 means that you have been infected with Salmonella parathypii B and C before and now there is no detectable infection with Salmonella parathypii A, B and C.

Widal examination results can be said to be positive or meaningful if a positive result is obtained 4 times the normal value, where the normal value is 1/80. However, widal serology results will be significant if there is an increase from the normal value and accompanied by typical typhus and parathypus symptoms such as:

fever which increases with increasing time of muscle aches tired headaches and weakness no appetite nausea to vomiting constipation or diarrhea enlargement of the spleen or liver etc. To further confirm it again, you should consult back to the doctor who referred you to do the widal examination. So if the results are synchronous or in accordance with symptoms that appear on your body, then it should be treated and treated immediately before serious complications can occur in the future such as pneumonia, urinary tract infections, inflammation of the heart or pancreas, meningitis, intestinal bleeding or intestinal rupture.

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