Will A Person Infected With Corona Be Okay?

Illustration of Will A Person Infected With Corona Be Okay?
Illustration: Will A Person Infected With Corona Be Okay?

hello doc, want to ask for example if humans have contracted the disease and then the corona virus is getting worse / ordinary ?? please answer doc

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Hello Rifalramdani,

The latest corona virus called SARS-CoV-2 can cause a disease called Covid-19 (corona virus disease). The disease is suspected to be transmitted through droplets coughing, sneezing, breathing of the sufferer and also when our hands touch objects contaminated by the patient's droplet, then with those hands we touch the mucosa of the nose, mouth, or eyes. This virus can last for several hours on the surface of objects and air.

Everyone is at risk of becoming infected with this virus, but not everyone who is infected will show the same symptoms. Symptoms can vary from mild to severe. A healthy person (good body immunity) may not show any symptoms or mild symptoms such as a cold cough, but can still transmit it to others. Therefore, at a time like this, self-isolation, social distancing, correct cough ethics, and clean and healthy behavior are very necessary.

In various medical studies, there are several characteristics of patients associated with symptoms of severe Covid-19 disease, high mortality, which is a factor of poor prognosis, including:

 Hypertension (high blood pressure) Diabetes mellitus (high blood sugar) Coronary heart disease Atrial fibrillation Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Chronic kidney disease Cancer patients (active 5 years) Elderly patients Patients with liver disorders Obesity In patients with these comorbid conditions , Covid-19 symptoms more severe, pneumonia (pneumonia) caused by the virus, more easily cause severe lung damage resulting in respiratory distress conditions so that the need for use of a ventilator (mechanical breathing aids) increases, the risk of sepsis (systemic infection) and damage to other organs increases, and mortality rates are higher in Covid-19 patients with these comorbidities.

More than 80% of Covid-19 patients treated have symptoms of high fever> 38 degrees Celsius. Other accompanying symptoms are persistent coughing and when it is severe it can cause shortness of breath. If you have a fever + one of Covid-19's respiratory symptoms and live in an area with local transmission or have contact with patients who are now positive covid-19 or suspected covid-19, please call hotline 119 ext 9 or 112 or other hotline numbers provided by the local government.

Through the hotline you can ask whether or not you need to conduct a Covid-19 examination, and if necessary check how the correct inspection flow. It is not recommended to come to covid-19 referral health facility / hospital directly. Why?

 If you turn out negative for Covid-19, your chances of contracting it in a health facility are high. If you come to a health facility (which is not specifically dealing with covid-19) and you are in a positive condition Covid-19 and you do not use protection such as a mask or cough carelessly, you have the potential to transmit and expand the spread of this disease to medical personnel, other patients, visitors patients, non medical personnel, who are in the health facility. Read articles on emergency signs and symptoms (for example: high fever> 3 days, shortness of breath, recurrent nosebleeds, rashes all over your body, seizures, etc.) that require you to come to a health facility, limiting contact and transmission if indeed not really an emergency department must seek treatment. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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