Will My Child Be Born With Hydrocephalus?

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Good evening, I want to ask a week ago, I had weekly control at the nearest hospital. My wife’s gestational age was 37 weeks, when the size of the head was 9.59 cm and at that time the doctor did not say that the fetus in my wife’s womb was diagnosed with hydrocephalus and fetal position. the head has been advised to be sent frequently, the question is whether my child could be born if he could be exposed to hydrocephalus ?? Thank you

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Hydrocephalus is a buildup of fluid in the brain cavity, thereby increasing intracranial pressure, or increasing pressure on the brain. In the condition of infants or children, it can cause an increase in circumference and enlargement of the size of the head that is seen significantly. But in adults, this condition does not cause enlarged head size and can cause symptoms such as headache. Under normal conditions, fluid in the brain will continue to be produced. Hydrocephalus occurs due to an imbalance between the production and absorption of cerebrospinal fluid. Hydrocephalus can occur from pregnancy or in newborns.

At the time of pregnancy, the assessment of fetal growth and development can be assessed using ultrasonography (USG), there are several parameters that can be assessed, including:

BPD (biparietal diameter) is a measurement of the diameter of the fetal head.
AC (abdominal circumference) is a measurement of abdominal circumference.
HC (head circumference) is a measurement of head circumference.

Ultrasound examination is one of the safe methods to do because it is imaging that does not use radiation such as X-ray examinations. To determine the condition of head diameter (BPD), or head circumference (HC), a chart can be used to compare gestational age / pregnancy with measurement results that are said to be normal. To access graph and measurement information, you can access this link.

According to the International Fetal Growth Standards, BPD measurements of 9.59 cm at 37 weeks' gestation are still above the 50th percentile (green line) but below the 90th percentile (black line above the green line). This shows that the measurement results are still in a good range with the gestational age of the fetus.

It is recommended to follow the control regimen and advice from the obstetrician, if there are complaints such as mucus / discharge and blood from the birth canal, abdominal pain that is more frequent and hard, immediately go to the obstetrician or the nearest hospital emergency department for further treatment . Avoid activities that are too strenuous, ensuring adequate nutrition and fluid intake of the mother and fetus, avoid consuming self-medication without doctor's instructions.

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