Will The Corona Virus Show Symptoms On The First Day?

Illustration of Will The Corona Virus Show Symptoms On The First Day?
Illustration: Will The Corona Virus Show Symptoms On The First Day?

yesterday I was forced to go to a restaurant near the airport because of matters that could not be rescheduled. So in the restaurant guests sit far apart from other guests. There is provided a handsanitizer and the servants use masks. The place had already been sprayed before. After returning from there, I felt something was up in my throat. Have you tried the syrup and drink lots of water, but it still blocks. Maybe like phlegm. Is there still a chance of getting a corona doc?

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Corona condition is an infection by a virus where symptoms usually appear

 Dry cough fever, sore throat, but can be found other symptoms that may be experienced such as pain in the solar plexus, expectoration. And the main ones are in the affected area or direct contact with positive people. If you experience this, you should isolate yourself for 14 days and multiply body fluids, nutritious food. But the symptoms that you experience can also occur due to

 Bacterial infections Exposure to pollution or smoke Allergy conditions To find out the risk of COVID can be done at the following link

Thus information may be useful

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