Will The Suture Wound After Being Healed Be Removed?

What happens after an accident and then sewn after being completely healed?

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Injury is a condition in which tissue injury occurs, both on the outside of the skin to internal organs. There are various forms of wounds, for example abrasions, torn wounds, stab wounds, burns, and so forth.

One treatment for open wounds such as torn wounds is by suturing the wound. The process of suturing the wound is the best choice to 'close' the gaping skin, so that the healing process of the wound and the growth of new tissue will be faster. However, there are several factors that can inhibit wound healing, for example:

The wound is too deep and big. This type of injury certainly requires more time to recover as usual
Injury to the joint area (eg knee, wrist, elbow). The amount of movement will cause the wound to heal longer
Poor nutrition. Protein is one of the nutrients that plays an important role for wound healing and new tissue growth. In malnourished people, the wound healing process will take longer
Poor wound care, such as wounds exposed to water continuously at the beginning of the healing process or dirty wounds that can increase the risk of additional infections
and so forth.

There are various types of thread that can be used for suturing wounds, in general there are threads that can be absorbed by the body (absorbable) and cannot be absorbed by the body (non-absorbable). Absorbable thread means that the stitches need not be removed, because the thread will be absorbed by the body. This thread is used to sew wounds on the inside of the body, such as organs. As for the outer skin stitching, the thread that is often used is the non-absorbable one, so that the thread will be removed / pulled back after the wound has healed completely. Skin sores usually heal completely and dry out in 5-7 days (varies greatly, depending on the location and treatment of the wound).

Therefore, if you have stitches on your skin, make sure you treat the wound well and control it back to the doctor. Usually the doctor will ask you to control within the first 3 days post-suturing to see the extent of the wound healing process and whether there are additional infections in the wound. Meanwhile, for home wound care, you can:

Avoiding wounds from exposure to water, for example when bathing the wound is closed using plastic.
Change the bandage and clean the wound by using sterile water such as the body's physiological solution of NaCl and antibiotic ointment in accordance with the doctor's recommendations.
Make sure your hands are clean before touching the wound, and avoid excessive manipulation of the wound, for example cleaning by rubbing the wound or scratching the wound.
Consume foods that are high in protein, such as egg whites, fish, meat, and so on
Control back to the doctor as recommended, or if the wound opens again, pus or blood comes out, swelling that feels pain at the wound site, or you have a fever, immediately control to the nearest doctor.

You can also read the following article: Ways to Keep Suture Safe and How to Prevent Scars.

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