Will Women With A History Of UTI Have Difficulty Getting Pregnant?

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Hello Docs, I’m Glowrie 28 years Single Female I want to ask, I before there was a history of urinary tract infections in 2017. And I’m sexually active with my boyfriend until now. Until now, my UTI is not as bad as in 2017, relapsing if I drink a little water or hold urine. but the pain is not as bad as in 2017. What I want to ask is, is it true for women who have not given birth and already have a history of UTI later it will be difficult to get pregnant / have children?

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Hello Glowrie

Responding to Glowrie's question about the statement that urinary tract infections (UTIs) will make conditions difficult to get pregnant beforehand I will explain about UTIs and what are the effects that can occur if you do not get proper and fast treatment. UTI itself is a health problem that affects the urinary tract organs, while the process of pregnancy occurs in the reproductive tract. However, because the estuary of the female urinary tract (urethra) and the vaginal opening are very close to it is not uncommon that an infection originating from the urinary tract will eventually spread to the reproductive tract as well, and so is the opposite

Infection in the reproductive tract can certainly affect the health condition of the uterus and also the channel, such as triggering pelvic inflammatory conditions that can cause fertility problems, increase the risk of ectopic pregnancy, and prolonged pelvic pain.

So it can be concluded that the condition of the UTI will not affect the fertility of a woman, but if the UTI condition has spread to the reproductive tract and cause other complications, of course, can affect the fertility of the person.

So do a healthy lifestyle to prevent UTI, which is by increasing drinking water, avoiding the habit of holding back urination, maintaining the cleanliness of the genital area, avoiding free sex (changing partners), and using condoms to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases. sexual activities that can cause UTI, infection of reproductive organs, to hepatitis (B, C, D) and HIV / AIDS.

Glowrie is expected not to have to worry too much, because it could be that what Glowrie is experiencing at this time is just a UTI without complications and other complications, but so it would be better if Glowrie went to see a doctor first so that an evaluation could be done to ascertain what the conditions were In fact Glowrie is natural, in addition to conducting a basic health examination and medical history interview, the doctor may consider urine examination, ultrasound, IVA test, pap smear, etc. if necessary.

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