Window Period On HIV?

Illustration of Window Period On HIV?
Illustration: Window Period On HIV?

I want to ask if it is true that anti-HIV body cannot be detected for years, I have had sex in 2017, 4 months ago, I did a vct test on 4 months 4 2019, the results are non-reactive, have I gone through the fastest window period? 14 days, the longest. 3 months and 6 months after having risky sex and if the test gives accurate reactive or non-reactive results I am just worried because my body bumps a small red bump like a mosquito bite maybe indeed my mosquito bite is rather dirty and my body aches what might be anti hiv’s body can only be detected for many years isn’t it Hello doctor who wrote about the window period article no longer than 6 months to get accurate results? After I got my non-reactive results I asked Hello this doctor and the doctor replied to my question that anti body HIV can be detected after several years? The doctor’s name is dani. So, which one is right? I’m thinking about this.

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HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is a virus that damages the immune system, by infecting and destroying CD4 cells. The more CD4 cells are destroyed, the immune system will be weaker, making it vulnerable to various diseases. To detect someone affected by HIV, depending on the window period.

The HIV window period is the span of time needed by the HIV virus from the beginning of transmission to the appearance of body antibodies that can be detected by certain HIV tests. Usually, the HIV window period lasts for 10 days to 3 months. But this actually depends on the individual's immune condition and the type of HIV test that is taken.

There are several ways to find out someone has HIV, including:

Rapid antibody test (rapid antibody test)
Antigen combination test
RNA test
PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) Test

WHO gives instructions by testing HIV three times with different methods and reagents, so the results can be said to be quite accurate. If your first HIV test is non-reactive or negative, you are advised to repeat the test 3 months later. If this test is also negative, you can only be sure you are not infected with HIV as long as you don't have any risky actions. If you take another risky action, the HIV test will be considered to start all over again.

However, to be more certain, I recommend that you consult directly with a specialist in internal medicine, so that a thorough examination can be carried out, such as question and answer, body weight, examination of vital signs, physical examination, such as the oral cavity, lymph nodes, chest, stomach and skin, and additional investigations such as routine blood laboratories, so that treatment can be given according to your diagnosis.

As for the things you can do right now are:

Do not change partners in sexual relations
Getting closer to God Almighty
Eat nutritious food
Maintain personal hygiene
Enough rest

Such information that I can provide, hopefully can help you.

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