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u003cspan style = “color: # 000000; font-family: museosans300, sans-serif; ” u003edok I want to ask that my lower left wisdom tooth did not grow properly then when I yawned my left cheek jaw hurt a lot, I guess why happened like that? and what action should be given? u003c / span u003e

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Wisdom teeth that are not in the right direction or are impacted (buried in the structure of the gums or jawbone) can cause severe inflammation. This inflammation can spread to other structures around the tooth, including the jaw. This condition is usually characterized by pain, swelling in the gums around wisdom teeth, jaw stiffness, difficulty swallowing and chewing food, and so on. It could also be that sufferers experience other complaints, such as recurring headaches, bad breath, to taste disturbances due to the impact of this condition.

Not just ordinary inflammation, it can also cause pain in your jaw due to other factors, for example jaw joint dislocation, rheumatoid arthritis, sinusitis, cluster headaches, migraines, trigeminal neuralgia, sialadenitis, and so on.

You should check your condition directly to the doctor. If the doctor suspects that the root of the problem lies in your wisdom teeth, the doctor can direct you to see a dentist who specializes in oral surgery so that further treatment can be given.

Meanwhile, try to compress the sore side of your jaw and teeth using warm water and gargle lots of salt water so that the complaint gets better. Also take a safe pain reliever, such as paracetamol to help relieve pain. Avoid chewing foods that are too hard or too sticky for a while. Always keep your teeth and mouth clean to minimize the risk of infection of the problematic wisdom tooth.

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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