With A Toothpick, A White Object Like Jelly Arises?

Illustration of With A Toothpick, A White Object Like Jelly Arises?
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Doctor, during the day I went to pull my teeth, but in the afternoon after eating porridge, I was surprised, because in the hole of tooth extraction there arises a small box-shaped seeds, as big as peanuts. They will be white, soft and clear like jelly ( jelly). Doctor, why can it be like that, is it dangerous, what should I do? thank you

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Tooth extraction is a medical procedure performed by a dentist because teeth cannot be retained in the oral cavity. Tooth extraction process is usually done if the condition of damaged teeth cannot be treated with teeth and cannot be maintained. Patients undergoing tooth extraction are likely to experience comorbid complaints in the form of pain, swelling of the gums, bleeding, or risk of infection.

After tooth extraction, some maintenance efforts can be made, such as;

Biting the gauze or cotton in the tooth extraction area

consumption of soft foods or foods that do not interfere with or avoid hard foods

chew food on the side of the jaw that's healthy

enough rest

avoid cigarettes

clean the oral cavity properly, especially after eating

follow the doctor's instructions

In connection with your question, the presence of white, soft formations, such as agar, is likely to be left over from the food you just consumed previously. If you do not bite or close your teeth pulled with gauze, then the tooth extraction holes may be filled with the rest of the food you consume. This food scraps easily attaches and enters the socket cavity of the extracted tooth. However, by gargling and cleaning the rest of these foods carefully, then this can be cleaned properly.

Another possibility is that after the tooth extraction process, the cavity in the tooth socket can be filled with blood cells and blood serum, where the blood serum is clear and soft, and usually can be accompanied by blood to close the tooth socket hole. This blood will help the recovery of the tooth socket after tooth extraction to form a connective tissue and bone that closes the hole from the tooth extracted.

And all of these possibilities are natural, but you still need to discuss this with your dentist directly, because the complaints you feel need to be confirmed by your dentist's examination. With direct examination, it can be known what white formations are formed in the cavity of the tooth socket. The doctor will provide information and recommendations for your next dental treatment.

Thus the info we can convey.

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