Words That Disturb The Mind?

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Hello wr.wb. r n r nGood morning doctor. I am a 15 year old girl. I want to consult about my psychological problems. R n r nWhy, in my brain always appears words that I don’t want? Words are like a curse that comes in the form of a tone and reflects in the brain over and over again. R nI don’t want them but they always bother me r n r nContinue also every time I read something, I feel like I become like topics discussed. r n r nFor example, I read an article about a rare disease, suddenly I feel scared and believe that one day I will catch the disease. Or for example, I read about psychopaths and LGBT, I feel like a psychopath, etc. r nI become hopeless and lose my true self. R n r nOh yeah, when I was a child I was a victim of bullying and my parents often fight. Does it have an effect? ​​ R n r nThen I also used to have complaints such as OCD symptoms, but now they seem to be cured. But I don’t know either. R n r n Is my complaint a psychological problem? Or is it a symptom of OCD? R n r nPlease answer, thank you very much. R nWassalamualaikum wr.wb.

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Hello wr wb, Salsabila, thank you for asking HealthReplies.com.

The words that are bothering you need to be ascertained whether they are just ringing in your head or you feel you hear the words. The possibility of this condition is that you are just imagining (it could be because you have a lot of thoughts / affairs / stress, often think about things related to these words, too often hear these words either directly or from the media) or hallucinate. Imagination is the ability to imagine certain sounds, ideas, images, or sensations but only in the mind. As long as imagination does not interfere with everyday life and we can still distinguish it from reality, there is no need to worry. Unlike hallucinations, namely sensations in the sense organs (whether hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting) in something that does not exist. Hallucinations indicate a disturbance, it can be physical (for example in brain disorders) and mental (schizophrenia, psychosis, etc.).

When someone becomes very confident in something that in fact does not exist or has not happened, then it is better to ascertain whether it is a concept or not. Understanding is an excessive belief in something that is not reality. Misunderstanding can be a symptom of mental disorders such as major depression, psychosis and schzophrenia.

To ensure the above conditions, a direct examination by a doctor or psychiatric specialist must be carried out. The doctor will perform a physical examination to check if there are any problems with your physical health. If there is, then it will be treated according to the cause. If there is none, the doctor will perform a mental condition examination. A series of questions need to be asked regarding the characteristics of symptoms, the appearance of symptoms, things that aggravate the symptoms, daily life, social life, to stories in the past. These questions are useful in making a diagnosis and determining the appropriate therapy according to its cause and severity.

OCD is considered an anxiety disorder and is also a type of personality disorder. Details about OCD can be read in the article "OCD".

For this reason, if these symptoms really interfere with daily life, make you feel discouraged, make it difficult to socialize, then it doesn't hurt to be checked by a doctor / psychiatrist. To reduce the severity of symptoms, you should avoid reading, watching, hearing negative words. Look for media that display positive and fun content. Spend time with positive activities, for example by exercising, doing hobbies, joining a community / organization that is suitable for you (either 1 hobby, 1 vision and mission), talking to people you trust and you can tell about your problems. Adequate rest, recreation, worship / meditation are also ways to always think positively. Immediately solve the problem that is burdening your mind. In addition, read about how to maintain mental health at the link.

That's all, hopefully it's useful.

Greetings, dr. Sarah Rizqia.

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