Work At Sea In People With Cold Allergies?

Illustration of Work At Sea In People With Cold Allergies?
Illustration: Work At Sea In People With Cold Allergies?

If cold allergy can still work at sea? Thanks in advance, doctor

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Hi Adam,

Thank you for asking

Cold allergies can lead to various clinical manifestations, ranging from mild to severe, including itching, redness of the skin, swelling, coughing, runny nose, sneezing, itchy eyes and nose, itching, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting heart palpitations, even shock (shock). These various conditions can occur if you are exposed to excessive cold temperatures, for example if you travel to an environment in the highlands, stay in an air-conditioned environment too cold, or even consume food and drinks that are too cold though.

Need to be clarified beforehand, what exactly are the symptoms of cold allergy that you are experiencing? When do the allergic symptoms occur? Have you ever seen a doctor directly and diagnosed with allergies? Are there certain treatments that doctors recommend?

Ocean areas that are generally hot should not prevent you from working, even if you have a cold allergy. However, if the sea you want to visit is in a cold environment, this could be an obstacle. Depending on the severity of your allergic symptoms that often arise, this condition can be dangerous, or may not. If your allergic symptoms are mild, to reduce the recurrence of allergies, you can work around this by always wearing thick and warm clothes, not consuming cold food and drinks, applying warm oil on the body, making the fireplace so the body feels warm, bathing with warm water , and various other natural treatments. But, if the symptoms of allergies that you usually experience are very severe, it's better you undo your intention to work in a cold area.

Unfortunately, you did not explain in detail at sea where exactly are you going to work? What kind of work activities will you do? And what kind of allergic symptoms often appear? Therefore, it is difficult for us to identify whether it is safe or not for you to work in that place, or not.

Our advice, consult directly with your nearest doctor or dermatologist so that you can further evaluate your condition.

Hope this helps ...

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