Illustration of Workout
Illustration: Workout

Good morning dock, I want to ask, is it better if you want to do a workout in the morning or at night? Is it okay to do workouts at night before you go to sleep? thank you

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HaloNila Anggraini, thank you for asking

Sports can generally be done in the morning, afternoon or evening before bed. But of course this has advantages and disadvantages of each. Exercise in the morning will provide benefits in the form of the body's metabolism will increase, so that calories will continue to burn. It also will make a happy feeling. If you do sports in the afternoon or evening before going to bed, the burning macakalories are not as much as when you exercise in the morning. However, exercise in the afternoon or at night will make you sleep better quality. There is no research evidence that explains the right time for exercise. All the time you can use for sports.

You can read the following article further: RIGHT TIME SPORTS

Thank you, hope that helps.

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