Worm Medicine For Pregnant People?

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Tonight, sorry to ask. I take worming once every 6 months. And it should have been drunk last May, but was afraid because it was four months. Can I take medication for worms when I was pregnant? If I could have a special worm medicine and recommendations?

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Hello Ayu,

Worm medicine can be consumed by children and adults for the treatment and prevention of intestinal worms. Worms itself varies depending on the type of worm parasite that infects. For self-prevention worm medicine can be taken 6 months to once a year especially if needed to live in an area that is not maintained clean food or environment. There are various types of worm medicine available where each has the ability to cope with different worm infections and also has different side effects.

For this reason during pregnancy and breastfeeding, do not consume worming medicine first without any indication or direct examination by a doctor regarding your pregnancy. One of the worm medicines that are free and used for prevention is to contain pyrantel pamoate, although it is not a contraindication and is included in the category C for drugs in pregnancy and lactation, its use needs to be considered the benefits and risks.

Maintain cleanliness in processing food, drinks and also personal hygiene to avoid worm infections that can arise. Washing hands before and after the move, processing food properly and cooking it until it is cooked is one step that can be done to prevent it.

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